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How Do I Become A Member Of Inferno?

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How Do I Become A Member Of Inferno?

Post  iF.aDVanCe on Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:37 am

To apply for Inferno, you must first give us the information listed below:

1. Your IGN
2. XFire. You need an XFire in order to join. If you have mac use Blackfire.
3. Why you want to join Inferno (give a clear and concise reason why. lame reasons will result in your application being dropped.)
4. Have you been in any other clans? If so, please list them.
5. Preferred gun CoD4
6. What times are you usually on? List in PST or PDT please.

Once you have given us that information, the co-founders will check your application and send it over to the owner, which is I, aDVanCe, and review it. If we accept your application, you may put on the Inferno RECRUIT tag, which is:


After you have done that, we will then have an appointment with you for a clan tryout. The clan tryout will be the deciding factor in your acceptance into iF. or not. We will evaluate you on your SMG skills, and your sniping skills. If you are deemed acceptable, you will then be able to put on the Inferno MEMBER tag, which allows you to be a real actual member of Inferno. The Inferno member tag is:


Thank you,


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